Book Review

Book Review: Letters to the Lost – Brigid Kemmerer


Title: Letters to the Lost

Author: Brigid Kemmerer

Pages: 263 pages

Read: 21.05.17 – 22.05.17

Rating: 5♡

Juliet Young always writes letters to her mother, a world-traveling photojournalist. Even after her mother’s death, she leaves letters at her grave. It’s the only way Juliet can cope.Declan Murphy isn’t the sort of guy you want to cross. In the midst of his court-ordered community service at the local cemetery, he’s trying to escape the demons of his past.When Declan reads a haunting letter left beside a grave, he can’t resist writing back. Soon, he’s opening up to a perfect stranger, and their connection is immediate. But neither Declan nor Juliet knows that they’re not actually strangers. When life at school interferes with their secret life of letters, sparks will fly as Juliet and Declan discover truths that might tear them apart.


“Every moment is meaningful”

“I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul”

“Sometimes you get to a point where it hurts too much, and you’ll doing anything to get rid of the pain. Even if it means doing something that hurts someone else”

“You make your own path”

“One day isn’t your whole life”

“A day is just a day”

“How people are judged on one snapshot of their lives”


  • very touching
  • bittersweet
  • never judge people until you really know them
  • it’s just one day. keep moving forward
  • there’s always a person who understand you
  • very inspiring
  • suggested for those who think they don’t deserve second chance
  • everyone deserves a second chance
  • don’t blame everything on yourself
  • always help each other

Matching song

🎶 Love the way you lie (Part 2) – Rihanna, Eminem

when i read this book, i thought it just so-so, but then i cannot stop read it, and guess what.. i cry! T_T i miss reading book like this.. i’m glad i take a look at the book in the bookstore. if you read Love Letters to the Dead by Ava Dellaira, maybe you should try read this book 🙂

xoxo, AsyhDee


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