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College Room Decor 2.0

hello guys! sorry for the “no new post”. i’ve been busy with my classes and exams. i am currently in my study week, so i need to prepare for my final. but as you can see my title for today.. yeahhh college room decor! i have the habit of keep changing or redecorate my room. so today i’m going to share with you my college room decor for this month 🙂

i rearranged back my bed and things in my room. my friends asking me, why i’m redecorating it again, because we’re going to have a semester break. and my answer is, i need a beautiful room to keep my motivation to study and remain alive XD

we start with my IKEA trolley,



the upper level of the trolley, i put a mason jar with a fake plant in it and then i crumple tissues for the base. then, i insert tissues in another mason jar. the alarm clock is a gift from my beautiful housemate – Zana. i used my old frame for the base. in the frame, i insert a quote that i got from Pinterest. i also put my TYPO trinket tray for my keys



next, the middle level. in this level, i keep my laptop, my journal and my currently read novel. and i hang my headphone.



the lower part of this trolley i keep my art things. i just change the arrangement of the items.DSC_5281


next, we moved to the other part of my room.


i keep my books in the white basket that i got from Daiso. in the pink basket, i kept my cables and my laptop things. i “sandarkan” my IKEA table to the wall




next, my treasure box. i kept my camera in it. easy for on the go!



i hang my bags using the hook. and i keep my fan and aircond remote in the basket with the plantDSC_5298



so, that’s all for my room decor this month 🙂 see you soon in my next post on “Study Hacks”

p/s : visit my College Room Decor 1.0

xoxo, AsyhDee



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