Traveloka English Blog Contest


Hello guys! so recently there was an event at my university organised by UPG Cyber. While i was walking through the booth, i came across to Traveloka booth. and guess what? they make a blog contest! it is about “where you want to go if you win the blogging contest” so i’m taking this opportunity to try my luck on winning a trip to my dream place.

so let’s get started!

Where i want to go if i win this blogging contest? i want to travel to ITALY. yeahhh Italy! why Italy? why not other places like France or Korea? i’m going to share with you guys, why i decided to choose Italy. More in depth, why i choose Florence, Italy.

This is because,

first (actually it is the main reason why i choose Italy), i read a novel title Love & Gelato by Jenna Evans Welch. it is so beautiful and lovely. guess what? the setting took place in Italy. i never read a novel before that make me really want to travel to that place.

basically, Love & Gelato tells a story about Lina, who travel to Italy to find the truth about her biological father. she received a journal from her late mother, where the journal have all the adventures that her mother did. read my full review here ——> Love & Gelato Book Review

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Lina did follow all her mom’s adventures in the journal. while i was reading the book, i feel the excitement to travel. i feel like i am with Lina and together we explore the Florence, Italy. even though the story has up and down to the main character’s life. but i never feel irritated instead i feel happy and love.

second, i want to experience all the things that Lina did. so i’m going to bring the novel with me and let’s travel Italy. where exactly Lina went? don’t worry, i will let you know.


  1. Florence American Cemetery and Memorial – the place where Lina lives with her father. her father is the caretaker of the Memorial. the author had mention that the place has a beautiful scenery and it bring peace to the people. i want to enjoy the beautiful scenery as much as i can florence2_440x270
  2. Florence City – omg this is where all the good things happen! such as they eat lots of Italian Gelato. i have never been really craving ice cream before. but this book really make me craving gelato! duomo-firenze
  3. The Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore – it’s the main church of Florence. beside this church there is a restaurant call “Piazza” where they sell the best pizza in town! i repeat, BEST PIZZA in town! ohh btw food is my best friend forever! XD and i heard that we can climb up to the Duomo and we can view the Florence cityponte_vecchio_in_the_night
  4. The Ponte Vecchio – is an old bridge in Florence, Italy. I heard that it’s beautiful at night with the lights on.
  5. Secret Bakery – i don’t know the name of the bakery. but i’m going to find it out by asking locals. it’s near to Boboli Gardens and Duomo. in the book, they eat fresh baked bread from the secret bakery. again i love food!1000px-piazza_della_signoria_panoramic_view_small
  6. Piazza della Signoria – a musuem! i just love musuem. its a beautiful place where i can appreciate other people’s artwork

there’s so many place that they went. i can’t wait to experience all that. who knows i can find inspiration and write more stories? ( i’m a film student btw )

i’m going to bring my camera and journal with me. i want to take lots of pictures and videos and record it in my journal.

who i want to travel with? i want to travel with Traveloka of course! and i will bring my best partner ever, my sister. i want her to experience all the things with me. i also want to bring my parents and my brothers. the best place to be is with your family. so i want to bring my family to my adventures at Italy.


‘‘You know, people come to Italy for all sorts of reasons, but when they stay, it’s for the same two things.’’
‘‘Love and gelato.’’

Love & Gelato – Jenna Evans Welch

i hope i can win Traveloka English Blog https://www.traveloka.com/en-my contest so that i can travel to Florence, Italy.


Let’s travel with Traveloka !


xoxo, AsyhDee



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