Room Decor

College Room Decor

Hello! welcome back! i received some requests to share on how i decorate my college room. so today i’m going to share with all of you XD. Because of this is a rent room, i cannot do much like make a hole on the wall for hang my frames or tapestry, so my wall kinda empty. (before this i hung my CNBLUE & Day6 poster, but i took it out)

but i cannot lived with this empty look room. so i need to decorate even though it’s a tiny miny part. i stick to the concept of minimalist for this room. i organise my things in box to make it look clean and neat.


i use IKEA trolley for organise my things such as my books and art things . i bought it for RM149 (it’s a bit pricey but will last long) . it’s convenient for me because i can move it around. every time i want to use my art things i just pull the trolley closer to me and i can start my work right away.


i put my art things in the first “floor” of the trolley. the art things consist of my washi tapes, pens, paper clips, design papers, cutter board, tapes and many more


my second “floor” is where i put my novels, journal, planner, kpop band albums and a jar of my favourite pens and highlighters.


the third “floor” i just put my treasure box where i display my headphone and earphones in it and a pot of flower.


next i used two big box to organise my “not really use” things. the box below i use to keep  my things such as exam notes, my laptop case, my books, my small2 things which i don’t know why i still kept them >,< the white box i use to keep my laptop’s things such as charger, fan, mouse and mouse pad. i also put my hot glue gun, spray for paper and big glue in it.


then i put frames to decorate the spaces. the black frames i bought from Typo for RM15 (sale time again) i print out quotes and insert in the frame. the “A” letter i bought it from Typo also, 3 for RM30. then i used daiso’s string to decorate it. the other two frames are from IKEA.


i keep my wrapping papers beside this box


my goals board. i use sticky notes and some washi tapes to paste in on my cupboard (the place i always use) so that i can see my goals everyday every time every moment.


my study table. i bought this cute table from IKEA for RM39.90 . i chose this table because i can easily move it around and i can ‘lipat’ it.

so…. that’s all for my college room decor for this month. thank you for reading. hopefully it can inspire some of you out there. see you soon!

xoxo, AsyhDee


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