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How to Clean Silicone Phone Case

Hello! today (this morning – Malaysia time) i decided to clean my transparent silicone case (it turned yellowish) so i’m doing my research on how to clean this phone case. let’s do it!

  1. Take a bowl of warm water
  2. Add dish soap
  3. Place the case in it
  4. Use toothbrush or soft brush to scrub the dirt or stains
  5. Rinse with cold water
  6. Let it dry
  7. tadaaaa !


okay i tried




Step 1-3


step 4


i think it still the same as before T_T you know what? i just accept the fact that my phone case already turn yellowish and i cannot do anything with it. maybe you guys can try to your phone, and who knows maybe it works? let me know if you do it!

so i create a custom design to cover the yellowish of my phone case


featuring Park Hyung Sik

thank you for stopping by

xoxo, AsyhDee


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