Room Decor

Room Decor: How I Decorate My Room Part 2


this part two i’m going to share how i decorate my corner tepi tingkap sebelah kerusi kuning (read about my yellow chair storage here)

okay so this is the other side. before this i just put table and letak some hiasan on that table. so yesterday night, my mom bagi her lamp to put in my room. so i was like emm nak letak mana ni? letak sebelah katil nanti block frame and other stuff. so i fikir2. why not i letak dekat meja tu. lagipun dia dekat dengan plug and my reading section which is that yellow chair. so i arrange balik my table punya decoration.

Corner tepi




This is after i try to deco with my mom’s lamp. so tadaaa! i used my old hardcover books for the base, so that the lamp tinggi sikit. then i put my sister’s purple box, dimana dalam tu ada accessories dia. then kotak purple tu ada all my pin2 for my tudung. belakang tu ada small tabung. and i used that bekas kaca to display my watch and my favourite bracelet. dalam tu i put the kertas thingy so that tak nampak kosong 🙂

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

when i try to light it up

so yeahhh thank you for reading. let me know when you decorate your room too 🙂

xoxo, AsyhDee


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