everyone seems like they know what their dreams or goals

what they wanna be

what they want to achieve

seems like they already have their mission

and they are on the way towards it

and somehow

on the other side of the world

there is me

still figure out what i want to be

yeahh some people say that

“you still got a long way to figure out”

and yeahh i know it

but sometimes i want a thing or whatever

that can spark my motivation

that can inspiring or

can motivate me to become better

and better

but then,

i still don’t know

am i interesting in writing?

i want to act

but i am so shy

i like to hear music

am i want to produce music?

i like fashion, hairstyle, make up

even though i don’t wear make up

yeahh i just wear mascara if i got event

or eyeliner if i rajin to put in on

but i like to make up my sister

and watch make up tutorial

i like to organise things

like decorate my room

decorate my board

i like diy things

so yeahhh

i can aim for Art Director

or Production Designer

okay fighting!



*my assignments tak siap lagi!


xoxo, AsyhDee


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